Windows ShortCut Keys

There is a key on my keyboard nestled between the Ctrl and Alt that I never use and have no idea of its purpose. I wouldn’t have even noticed it if Geoff wasn’t mucking, I mean messing around with my system set up. “I wasn’t mucking, I was improving.” Geoff poked me in the arm as he read over my shoulder. I told him changing equals mucking in my books. Back to the key. I had a number of programs open and Geoff wanted to look at my desktop so he clicked once and there it was. Normally I would have minimized each window one at a time so I was impressed he could do this so quickly. “How’d you do that?” I asked. It was Geoff’s turn to look puzzled. I pointed to all the minimized windows that were now listed along the bottom of the screen. “I just used the Microsoft Shortcut Key. You can do a number of really handy things with a single key stroke using this feature.” Geoff said. He gave me the following link to see a long list of shortcuts: but said the half a dozen listed below will get me started. Hold both keys down at the same time to get the desired results.

  1. Windows Logo + D = Display the desktop
  2. Windows Logo + M = Minimize all the Windows
  3. Windows Logo + SHIFT + M = Restore all the minimized Windows
  4. Windows Logo + F = Search for a file or folder
  5. CTRL + Mouse Scroll Wheel = enlarge or reduce the size of the image on your screen
  6. CTRL + Z = Undo (handy for when the all important undo arrow icon isn’t available)

I have to say that I actually enjoyed scanning through the list of shortcuts. There were a number of them that I didn’t understand which in my world means don’t touch, but after finding six to share with you, I still wanted to add a few more so here they are:

  1. ALT + O = Display the Favourites Menu
  2. CTRL + A = Select All (handy for deleting the SPAM folder in my Inbox
  3. SHIFT + DELETE = Deletes item permanently without placing item in Recycle bin (why delete SPAM twice when you don’t have to?)

Lastly, to create a shortcut on your desktop to a file or program, RIGHT click the object, then click Create Shortcut and drag the new shortcut to an open area on the desktop. I don’t always have the best filing system in place so I use this option to keep templates like my business letterhead and fax coversheet right where I can see them.

I think this is the most pleasant thing I’ve learned about my computer in a while. I hope this helps you too.


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