GCS Technology Services Inc.

The North Island’s leader in Server and Network Services.


Why? Because we believe digital technology is fundamentally the exchange of ideas from one medium to another.


PEOPLE: It always starts with people. People who need a better way to communicate with each other and with their customers. GCS Tech listens first.

DATA: Informational needs differ from business to business and within families. GCS Tech has the experience and qualifications to organize, retrieve, send, and protect your data in any business or home environment.

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    • We RECOMMEND file and drive solutions.
    • We IMPLEMENT Back-up Routines and offer Disaster Planning guidelines for your data.


COMPUTERS: GCS Tech sells computer hardware and software.

    • Why? Because we believe the quality of the system(s) directly impacts how well they perform, and for how long.
    • We QUALIFY our suppliers:  Don’t let the industry specifications fool you – every 500gb SATA Hard Drive is not equal.  We demand quality parts at the best price and treat our suppliers with consideration and respect in order to get both.
    • We DON’T CARRY STOCK: Prices and technology change daily. GCS Tech wants to sell you the best system(s) your budget allows and that means building a system when you’re ready to buy – not before.
    • We KEEP UP with industry trends and test the cutting edge so you’re not the guinea pig –we are.
    • We submit ITEMIZED PROPOSALS, provide MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS for achieving the required results and provide pros and cons for each. You decide the best balance between needs, wants and budget.
    • We offer DATA WIPE and RECYCLING services.

GCS Tech has experience and quality references for: DNS Servers, DHCP Servers, Exchange Servers, Domain Servers, Web Servers, eMail Servers, FTP Servers and File Shares. Add in Terminal Services, Remote Access and VPN experience and GCS Tech is capable of designing, selling, implementing, and maintaining your network start to finish.


PEOPLE:  It always ends with people. The best system in the world doesn’t work if the people don’t understand what it can do for them and how to make it work.  

    • We SKIP THE TECH TALK. Our technicians are committed to using everyday terms and diagrams to convey the ‘Is, Should and Could Be’ in regards to your computer or network.
    • We DISCUSS any changes in the way things look, act, and connect. A project is only a success when expectations are in line with results.
    • We WELCOME your calls.

GCS Tech Services

  • In Our Office +

    IN STORE SERVICE Our office is open from 8:30 to 5:00 / Monday through Friday GCS Tech is located in the Read More
  • At your Office +

    IN OFFICE SERVICE Give us a call to initiate or schedule an In-Office Service: Campbell River: 250-204-2424                          Comox Valley:  Read More
  • In Home +

    IN HOME SERVICE Give us a call to initiate or schedule a Home Service: Campbell River: 250-204-2424                          Comox Valley:  Read More
  • Remote Support +

    Remote Service for PC and Mac Give us a call to initiate or schedule a Remote Service Session: Campbell River: Read More
  • Service Contracts +

    MONTHLY SERVICE CONTRACTS GCS Tech wants to be your business partner when it comes to computer technology. Do you need Read More
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